New Church Building Project

Would you like to help out with the New Building Project? Tell us about your skills.

New Church Building Project

What does the Lord have planned for the future of SBC? Well... we don't know yet. We do know that our building lease with the City of Newport ended in January of 2018. We are renting the building month to month now, however, the City will have the prerogative of removing our building and the surrounding buildings at any time to make way for future projects, so we need to be planning for what's next.

Also, in the Summer of 2018, the Oregon DOT is scheduled to begin highway changes that will affect our area, including punching 35th St (the gravel roadway just to the south of the church) through to the highway and moving the traffic signal from 32nd St to the new 35th St intersection.

Our options are to rent an existing building or to buy property and build our own building. On both of these fronts, there are limitations. But what a God we love and serve! There are no limits with Him! We are confident He will provide whatever is best for our church body.

So, in an effort to plan for future church work, if you have a special skill or business that could be used toward remodeling or building a future church facility, please fill out the form below and identify your skill.